The Coaching Intensive Pre-Application
We would like to get to know a little bit about you!  We know this program is just right for you... and there's a chance you feel the same way. 
Let's have a formal introduction and see where things go from there.
Good idea
All the dentists that use consultants get the highest return on their investment... 100% of all my friends that do 3 - 5 million a year have used 5 different consultants over their lifetime...
...Get your house in order by buying a consultant!"

-Howard Farran,
Dentistry Uncensored Podcast

(He interviewed us on his podcast! Check it out sometime.)
Before we begin, let's have your name.

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Great.  Now, what is your average monthly production? *

What about your average monthly collections? *

Is your office mercury-freemercury-safe, or neither? *

And lastly, what is your overall office overhead percentage? *

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